Why a forum?

Heather Harvey

Welcome to the forum

Why start a forum? In 2000 our son, Bryce, was born three months premature. At birth he had a brain bleed and was given a 10 percent chance of living. Doctors told us if he pulled through this he would never walk, he would have to have a feeding tube, if he ever got off oxygen he would have major asthma. As we got home and Bryce began growing my husband and I could just tell something was wrong. We went to doctor after doctor and finally got some answers. At the age of three he was diagnosed with spastic paraparesis a form of CP. My husband and I had no idea what all of this meant, the struggles he/we were all going to be facing. We had the love and support of family but they did not know anything more than we did. I would love to have had a place where we could talk to people who can understand what he/we were going through. Someone we could ask questions to, lean on for support and celebrate his successes with us. Someone who can relate to our situation and feelings.

In March Bryce organized a walk to raise awareness “Walk In Our Shoes”. We sold t-shirts and had stations where people could experience similar feelings of what it was like to have CP. He raised about $1900 that he sent to United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska. Bryce is very techie and so he started this website and wanted to start a forum as a way to help families. So, that is the reason why. Please feel free to start threads asking for help, giving encouraging words, and support to others who need it!

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